• 1 All Systems Large Wood Handle Pin Brush DUXFAANVS

Bristle Pad Black 4x2Pins 27 mmStraight w/ rounded tipsMade In Germany

ITEM DESCRIPTION Perfect for: Medium To Long Coats. Drop Coats. Flat Coats. Large Oval headed, extra long, contoured and lightweight hardwood handle, 27 mm long pins are smooth, have rounded tips- Designed to out last the competition. This high quality Pin Brush is the perfect choice to use on: Long-double coated breeds such as Collies and Samoyeds. Longhaired breeds such as Afghans, Old English Sheepdogs. Flat-coated breeds such as most Setters and Spaniels. This Anti-Static pin brush can be used while fluff drying to straighten the coat and hasten the drying time of doublecoated, longhaired and flat-coated breeds. Great for horse and pony manes and tails. This pin brush measures 9.25 from top of edge to bottom of the comfort handle. The soft foam pad is oval, approximately 4 x 2 with 27mm round-tipped pins. Special Note to Pet Owners: Your dog must be in good condition and well maintained to use this brush effectively as it will separate the individual strands of hair but does not grasp and remove undercoat. Undercoat contributes to matting...if you are not showing your dog in the confirmation ring you should consider a Gentle Variety Slicker Brush which is better suited to a pet owner's needs. For best results it is important to test what you have brushed with a Comb inserted parallel to the skin to capture any tangles, mats or clumps of undercoat.

1 All Systems Large Wood Handle Pin Brush DUXFAANVS

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1 All Systems Large Wood Handle Pin Brush DUXFAANVS

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